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  1. 14.03.2014

    ORB Admin Dashboard


    ORB Admin Dashboard — is a powerfull and flexible dashboard template for your next project. Hundreds of predifined and perfectly styled interface elements.

  2. 14.03.2014

    ORB Inbox Prototype

    ORB Admin Dashboard provides you with responsive inbox application with working features, such as email selection, email deleting, highlight items and much more. Check this page to know more.
    Please note that you can use not only text inside file icon, but icons too.

  3. 14.03.2014

    ORB Power Widgets


    ORB Power widgets — is a unique and extremely powerfull tool for organizing workspace in Dashboard. Moreover it support HTML 5 LocalStorage to store data. Sortable, easy-to-edit responsive blocks bring real joy and happyness.

  4. 14.03.2014

    ORB Unique Backgrounds


    ORB Template provides users with variety of unique and stylish backgrounds to make their dashboards apps looks more pretty.

  5. 14.03.2014

    ORB Documentation


    Like all others templates made by DazeinCreative ORB has a excellent documentation and support.

  6. 14.03.2014

    ORB Forms

    Yes! We include in ORB Package several of ready to use web forms with tooltips, error and disabled states, star rating, validation and much more!

  7. 14.03.2014

    ORB 500 Error Page


    Original 500 Error Page. Vector images of robots are bundled with ORB.

  8. 14.03.2014

    ORB 404 Error Page

    Original 404 Error Page

  9. 14.03.2014

    Charts and Graphs

    Beautifully styled ORB charts and graphs will make your data reports and statistics more visible and attractive for you and your customers. Check out well designed Morris Charts, FlotChart.js and variety of inline charts that bundled with ORB

  10. 14.03.2014

    ORB Users List


    Tired from standart and look alike dashboard templates? Check ORB. Absolutely all element made with love and attention to details.